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As part of the GO LOCAL series, socialtours now gives you an opportunity to learn how to cook like a Nepali! Each class starts with a tour of the bazaar in Kathmandu to source fresh ingredients, and continues on to the actual cooking and ends in lunch. All classes are a maximum of six participants only.


Courses are given by Sakuntala Rokka or Asmita Tamang at the socialtours offices in Kathmandu.

Call 9801123401 or 4412508 for short notice bookings (same day or next day)

Since the day we started cooking courses in Feb 2011, we had happy customers giving us a 5 star rating on TripAdvisor and shared their happy moments in our kitchen through social media like Facebook etc. Read their reviews of these courses on our Testimonials section here


Momo making


Momos are a traditional delicacy in Tibet, Bhutan, Sikkim, Nepal, and Ladakh. They are one of the most popular fast foods in these regions. In Kathmandu, it will be even difficult to estimate how many thousands of momos are consumed everyday, as a snack or a light meal.

Momos can be made with a vegetable or meat filling, and nowadays the more adventurous have also started making them with fillings including chocolate, ice-cream, apples etc.

download-iconDownload the chicken mo:mo recipe here (.pdf 220KB)

download-iconDownload the veg mo:mo recipe here (.pdf 221KB)

download-iconDownload the spinach & cheese mo:mo recipe here (.pdf 212KB)

Dal Bhat

dal bhat

Dal Bhaat

Dal Bhat is the most common and classic Nepali recipe. It is the staple daily diet of the majority of the population. It generally consists of dal (lentils), bhaat (rice), a vegetable curry/saag, and a chutney. It is eaten (traditionally) by mixing the dal with the rice to form a soupy mixture, making a ball of the mixture with your hands, and adding curry and pickle.

download-iconDownload the Dal Bhaat recipe here (pdf 203KB)


Aloo Paratha

Aaloo-ParathaAloo Paratha

Aloo Paratha is originally/actually made in a 'tandoor' or clay oven just like most other Indian breads. But, it can also be made at home, either pan-fried or baked in an oven. The home-made version of aloo paratha may not be as soft as the 'tandoor' version but it definitely wont drip of butter/ ghee either and yet is equally tasty and satisfying to the tummy. Aloo parathas taste best when served immediately from the 'tava’ ( pan).


download-iconDownload the Aloo Paratha recipe here (.pdf 200KB)


Read reviews of these courses on our Testimonials section here

Your Chef


Sakuntala RokkaSakuntala has the sun stuck onto her face. It seems like she can’t stop smiling ! Born in the south east of Nepal, in the village of Biratnagar, Sakuntala is one of 6 daugthers. What a gang ! They all meet when it is any kind of celebration. Sakuntala is the only one not being married. Among the six, they are two, including her, having a professional life. Active and hard-working, Sakun’ has grown up in a family where making good food is essential. It’s in the family kitchen that she became such a great cook!

It was a chance to be taken there. So, eight years ago, Sakun’ came to Kathmandu in order to find a job. And that’s how she began at Socialtours : she was at first in charge of maintening the offices and of making the lunch for the team.

But today, Sakuntala is much more than that : she is the ambassador of the Nepali cooking style towards foreigners. How come ? In 2011, Socialtours decided to try organizing a cooking class for curious tourists. The "Cook as a local" experience started being quite known, and since then, almost each day, foreigners are knocking at the door to give it a try.

Sakuntala welcomes them all with her usual big smile, and bring them to the market for sourcing the necessary ingredients. Then back to socialtours kitchen, she offers technical information and show her pupils how to deal with a momos, a dal bhat, or an aloo paratha. "My favourite is actually the dal bhat, but well, I like pretty much everything!" And then she adds, laughing "You know, I was slim when I started, but now, with everything I cook, I gained a bit!". The part she prefers in her job ? "Hard to say. I like being with the people, and of course, I like to cook".



Asmita is born in Pangarpur, in the Langtang region. She’s been studying Humanities at school and started at socialtours en june 2013. She works in the kitchen with Sakuntala, the Nepali chef. She makes the tea for the team and the customers! Asmita also looks after the facilities. What she prefers ? Assisting the cooking classes.

After work, she loves roamind around with her friends and listening to songs. For Asmita, you should visit Nepal for its natural beautiful spots all around the country, its interesting local products, its green lanscapes and its rivers.


Emma, austrailia

Great experience to learn a traditional Nepali dish.

The team are very warm and welcoming felt like a family environment. Great to eat together and talk to locals about the best aspects of Nepal.

   Thank s!


Julia, USA

This was a great experience. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot. If I come back to Kathmandu I will definitely look into make another dish. The chef was very good and a great teacher. I can't think of anything to improve. It was excellent.


Rocio, Spain

Nepali food is so sweet and nice. Today I have learnt to cook MO:MOs and I am so happy by this experience.

When I will come back to Spain. I am going to show this meal to my family and friends.

   I am really excited about this.

     Tank you so much.


Katie, UK

Had a great time making mo:mos with Asmita, She was very patient! And an excellent teacher.

The mo:mos were the best we've tried in Kathmandu especially the chocolate mo:mo!

It was a great session.



Alexandra, Australia

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with social tours! It was very fun, interesting and enjoying way to learn how to cook a traditional Nepali meal. The food tasted great and I will definitely look forward to cooking dahl bhat for my friends. when I return home! Cheers

Eliza, Australia

A very enjoyable experience. I like going to the market and buying the fresh food and learning about the spices. The teacher was very patient. It was a highlight of the trip. It was great to eat with the local Nepalese people to see how they eat.


Katie, USA

I had a wonderful time learning to cook like the locals. The friendly staff made me feels right at home. I learned a lot and will use the kills I going in the future. The chef was very knowledgeable and was very patient when helping me. Definitely a 5 star experience!


Nllie, Austrailia

Overall a great program, learnt a lot (more than I was I liked shopping at the small local shops.

  Good English skills from all people involved.

Very amazing tasting mo:mos! Probably the best I have tested.


Kristin, Germany

We had a great Mo:mo cooking class. They explained very well what to do and showed us different types. The taste was awesome, the best mo:mo i had! I really enjoyed the class and thinks for that experience.


Sonja toen

Thank you very much for the cooking course. It was very good. Nice to start by going to the market and buy the food.

Love the cook. She is terrific. If you stay in Kathmandu even for 3 days, this is defiantly something to recommend.

   Thank you



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