One of the newest additional to our arsenal is the GO LOCAL series - where we focus on trips that bring our the hidden secrets of Nepal, and allows travellers to experience Nepal like a local.

Here is what people are saying about these experiences:

Andy, UK

We had a great time making Dalbhat today.The best dalbhat we have had so far, not to be biased ! Was very chilled but informative.

Felt very confortable and relaxed with everyone here.Will definetely comeback to do more

Activities with socialtours.



Claire, France

I really appreaciated and enjoyed moking the momos.It's good to have the choice of which type of momos you wanna make.The staff Shakuntala amd Asmita were really nice they were nearby when we need it.

We will keep really good memories from this cooking class!!!

Coffee Trip Nepal - From Crop to Cup | 1 day

Quick Info

Minimum: 2 persons
Price: USD 65 
Duration: 1 days

Nepal - Abode of the Gods, the highest mountain on earth and the Land of the fables Sherpa. For many people this land stirs mystical visions and a trip to Nepal becomes a dream of a lifetime. Most visitors come to Nepal for its mountains, but his not where the discovery ends. Nepal is abound with hidden secrets and the production or organic coffee is one.



For a coffee connoisseur, Nepal offers the chance to experience one of the rarest ocffees in the world. The unique climate and terrain allows for a very high quality coffee to be grown which has a very distinct taste. The Arabica beans are grown here between 900-1800 meters in some of the most picturesque farms one could think of.

This trip takes you up close and personal with this cofee, while the Himalayas create the backdrop, almost as if they do not want to take the joy of the mountains away from you. You meet the farmers, help in the farm (depending on the time of year, either harvest, tend, sort), visit the production chain processes and end up drinking that very coffee, which was roasted right in from of your eyes.

This trip will change your perspective about the coffee staring at you right now! Period.



Mary anne ,usa

    we had a great cooking class with Asmita! Socialtours did a great job of explaning to us the difficulties after the earthquake and letting us decide if we wanted to proceed .we did and everything went great.we started to with a trip to a local marketstuff to pick fresh local produce,and then returned to learn how to make dal bhat.Asmita did great job coaching us two novice through chopping+cooking +we had a delicious lunch by the end .don"t let wooyies from the earthquake keep you away!

Brian Holdren, USA

    Very fun!Asmita made everything easy and the final meal was delicious. a fantastic way to spend a morning with some cultural insight as well.

Matthias Schrenk, Germany

Thanks again for this experience. I am not a member of Trip Advisor and I do not want to become one. But here is my review of my cooking experience. Maybe you can use it on your website.
All the best
Matthias & Roland
Are you tired of shopping in Thamel on your last days before you leave Kathmandu ? Socialtours offers a wonderful experience just arond the corner of this busy tourist headquarter of Nepal. Enjoy the welcoming atmosphere of one of the most progressed developers of susatainable tourism in Kathmandu. Before you go on the market to buy your ingredients for the cooking "ceremony", you will get a brief introduction about what to expect and an overview of the organisations philosophy. Later on you join the always smiling kitchen staff and learn how to make traditional nepalese food like Dhal Bat or Mo:Mos. But be careful: Knifes are very sharp and the chillies are hot :-)
After eating your food, you just pay what you think it was worth for you. This was the most difficult part of it, but I liked it anyway, as Thamel teaches you to bargain all the time while here you were left alone to make the price.
Socialtours has a lot of other things to offer which I did not see somewhere else in Thamel. They have a really different approach than most of the other tourist companies, and I would not sit here and write all this, if I would not be convinced, that Socialtours unites tourism and sustainability which is more than necessary. I appreciated this as an important step into the right direction. Thanks for this unforgettable experience and all the best !


This was a very pleasant workshop, Very enthusiastic and inspiring cook, We will be family this recipe home and hopefully cook it a lot of times for our friends and family in the Netherlands and France.


Thank you very much for the Hospitality.

Silvia en Herman. 


I have been in Nepal for two weeks and this by far has been one of my favorite experiences.When I came back to Nepal in the future I will definitely come back for more cooking classes .

The food was delicious!




Had a great day – all the staff who came into contact with were very friendly, Knowledgeable above all, Patient.

Would do this class again, there  are a couple of options

Was great fun to share the food at the end, to sit around the table with others  from the class but also other staff members attracted by the fantastic smells.


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Tridevi Marg,Thamel, Kathmandu | Tel: +977 1 4412 508, +977 9801 1234 01 (available 24/7) | e-mail: info@socialtours.com

(open: 10:00 - 17:00 Mon - Fri) At TriDevi Marg, opposite of the Himalayan Bank, you will see a small lane on the left of the SALEWA Store. We're at the end of the lane.

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