Everest Region Treks

The Everest Region draws a huge number of tourists and trekking enthusiasts.

We present here feedback from the trips we conduct in the region. Trips are generally custom tailored, but we are actively promoting the custom tailored EBC trek and the Renjo La and Gokyo treks here.

Dean Philips, UK

Peek at Everest
9 days | Mar - Apr 2013
From the moment I first got in contact with socialtours, everything seemed to run like clockwork. At all times I was made to feel extremely welcome and what struck me the most was how informative they were about their trekking tours, making sure that every piece of essential information was given to me. From the top downwards it was all very professional and they also ensured that you have a very experienced tour guide, which you'll discover is needed for the type of treks that operate in these regions. Each day of the trek we were always fully briefed about the day, first thing! And at all times my safety was their highest priority, making me feel secure in what I was doing. I had such an enjoyable experience that since them I recommend them to all my friends of others I meet, looking for a good and relabel trekking tour company. Those friends too that have taken my advice and gone with socialtours, were also extremely happy with the service provided. Safe, fun, organised and extremely welcoming, I recommend to all.

Claire Farrow, UK

Namche/Khumjung, Everest Region
11 days | Mar- Apr 2011

In general I did have a wonderful experience- all socialtours members in particular Bipin was wonderful when I returned from the mountains helping me thorough a difficult time and providing much cultural information.

Jackie Denio, USA

Renjo La pass & EBC trek
18 days | Oct 2010
Untitled-1 copyI truly enjoyed meeting all the staff at Social Tours office. They are warm and helpful in the face of delay problems that they worked hard to fix. My guide was more than just a guide; I feel she is my friend. We had many laughs along the way and she took very good care of me when I was not feeling too well. She also introduced me to many of the friends she knew along the way, including a young man who has summit Everest 5 times, 5th was that day we meet him.  That was a special evening. My porter was amazingly fast and getting to villages to get us lodge rooms so we could take our time, which I really needed at times.  He also was very assistive with bringing, or helping me to just carry, my few things around at the lodges.  It was an amazing trip, and I learned a great deal about the Sherpa people and myself.  A most heartfelt 'thank you' to each and every one of you. Keep up the great work!

Peter & Group, Germany

Everest Base Camp trek
21 Days | July 2010

Peter_groupI'm full with impressions and have lots of pictures and 'videos' in my mind. It is really hard to come back to reality after such a great trek. I can tell you that these days belong to the most beautiful in my life. We were all absolutely enthusiastic about it. Thanks to you and all the others who made this dream come true.

Bill Carter, USA

Cho La pass, Everest region & Annapurna Sanctuary trek
35 days | April-May 2010

Bill_Lhakpa_KarmaI want to personally commend Tassi for the great job that she did answering the myriad of e-mail questions that I submitted in advance of our trip and for her great hospitality at the evening meals in Kathmandu.  In that regard, the meal that we had at the Palace and Rum Doodles were both great.  The authentic music and dancing at the Palace was a great early introduction to Nepal.The Hotel Tibet in Kathmandu and definitely the Hotel Barahi in Pokhara were both excellent and exceeded my expectations. The dollar amounts above are in addition to the amounts that I paid for my treks. The amount for services reflects my tips for Lhakpah, Karma and Sonam. I feel very good about how they treated me and vice versa. You all gave me an extraordinary gift that is hard to measure and reward.
A special thank you to Paljyor for helping me with extending my visa.I really liked having Lhakpah as my guide for both treks.  We had to work through challenges of language, age difference, fitness level and more.  Once that was done, it became easier for me and maybe for her, too.  I kidded with her many times that “I came to these mountains for happiness, not speed”. She is an absolute mountain goat and I was slow and cautious but undeterred. She was also very helpful and good company in the cities.
I want to thank you all and especially Lhakpah for helping me avoid any problem with gluten in the food that I ate.  This relegated me to mostly eggs, potatoes and rice but I am not complaining.The additional help that you all provided in helping me get to Pokhara by air during the strike is greatly appreciated, also. The Annapurna Sanctuary was deeply Spiritual and missing that trek would have been a very big loss indeed.I did a lot of computer research before I finally selected Social Tours. The treks that you provided and at their value price points have left me feeling that I did a very good job in picking your company and your people. My trip was a total success! Thank you all.
All the Best,

Jane & Edward Beckett, UK

Namche/Khumjung, Everest region
9 days | Nov 2009

The guide was very friendly and helpful. She always made sure that we had everything we needed and were comfortable.

David, Sarah & Robert, UK

Everest Base Camp Trek
17 days | Sep - Oct 2009

D S RSocialtours provided a great service and offered excellent value for money.
Our guide looked after every detail and knew everything about the local environment and community. It was good to use a company which promotes responsible tourism and which gave us the opportunity to customise our trek and to travel in a smaller group than would be possible with the other large tour operators. I would definitely use socialtours again and recommend them to my friends.

Childreach International, UK

Everest Base Camp Trek
21 days | June - July 2009

"After working with a number of tour operators in different countries around the world, I found my experience with socialtours a bit of a revelation! Finally I believe I’ve found someone who truly defines what it means to be an adventure tour company. I spent the best part of three weeks with socialtours on the Everest Base Camp trek, leading a team of 15 young people from the UK and it was fantastic on our return journey to hear nothing but admiration and kind words for the efforts of each and every member of staff of the company. No matter what the activity, I would recommend socialtours to anyone travelling to the Himalaya"

David Milton, Head of Challenge Events, Childreach International

Joanna Gosse & Matthew Stewart, New Zealand

Trekking in the Everest Region
16 days | Aug - Sep 2009

Jo MatthewEverything about the trip was 100%. Our trip was amazing and our Guide and porter were increadible it was them that made it an unforgetable experience, They both went out of their way to cater for all our needs and put a huge effort into making our trip.

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