Educating the Traveller

At the very start of the company, adapted, modified and endorsed a guideline for travelling responsibly in Nepal. The guideline talks about how travellers can make an impact by reducing their impacts while travelling.

We then worked on a responsible tourism policy, which guides how we work...

Responsible Tourism Policy

At the very start of the company, we at travels and adventures developed a guideline for travelling responsibly in Nepal.  We produced a policy outlining a set of responsible points that we endeavour to adhere too. These early efforts placed us as leaders in the responsible tourism movement within Nepal, something all team members are very proud of.

We cannot claim that we have achieved every point on our policy to our complete satisfaction, but we continue to pursue our goal.  We have voluntary allowed our actions to be audited by an external mediator in an attempt to better ourselves in this field.

pdf Download the Responsible Tourism Policy brochure here.


Guidelines for Travelling Responsibly

As a traveller and/or volunteer, you have an important role to play in travelling responsibly. We, at travels & adventures, acknowledge that volunteers and travellers alike want to be responsible but are often not aware of the issues and the appropriate codes of conduct.

Responsible Tourism - What is it?

Travel is a natural right of all people and is a crucial ingredient of world peace and understanding. With that right comes responsibilities. encourages the growth of peaceful tourism and environmentally responsible travel.

Tourism has mixed impacts. On the positive side tourism provides jobs, brings foreign exchange and provides income to support local development. It can also directly support local industry and encourage communities to place greater emphasis on environmental protection. However, one of the main problems is that the benefits of tourism often bypasses the local population, and tourism related activities can contribute to the degradation of the environment. They can put pressure on scarce local resources such as land and water, pollute the environment and reduce biodiversity. Money may not reach the local economy, and the jobs available may be poorly paid and provide insecure employment.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is about customer satisfaction, environmental protection and a positive contribution to development. It means developing quality products and offering customer choice. It includes training staff, providing a healthy and supportive working environment and entering long-term partnerships with suppliers.

CSR adds value through product differentiation and increased quality, as well as by preventing the degradation of the very base of the tourism experience, i.e nature and cultural heritage.

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