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Minimum: 2 persons
Price: USD 835*
Duration: 10 days

As offbeat as it gets, this trek reaches the maximum height of 3820 meters at PangSang Pass between Somdang and Tipling, and passes picturesque valleys in the Langtang and Ganesh Himal areas. We stay in peoples homes, in small lodges, and arrange a variety of local and modified local foods. One of the most memorable trips you will ever have. Guaranteed



This trip will make you experience Nepal in its purest form, devoid of the adulteration that mass tourism brings. You stay with local communities, sharing their food and their stories, as you trek from the Rasuwa district into the Dhading districts in Nepal, all the while appreciating the majestic views that this trek offers of Langtang, Ganesh Himal and then eventually Manaslu and Annapurna Massifs.


Day 1: SYABRUBESI. Today is just drive day, as we drive about six hours to reach Syabrubesi, which is our trailhead for the trek. After arrival, check into the hotel and then wander around to stretch those stiff limbs and limber up for the trek that starts the next day.

Day 2: GHATLANG. Our trek starts with a rather steep uphill that can take about three hours to ascend. This gives a solid start to the trek and tests your breathing and legs. Once on top of this ridge, we walk an easy meandering jeep trail to our lunch stop about half hour away. After lunch, the jeep track continues for another hour or two to reach the amazing settlement of Ghatlang, where over 300 houses are packed into one small area. After reaching the village, check into the local lodge (or into the homestays) and then wander around to appreciate the architecture and people in this quaint rare village. Ghatlang falls in the western corner of the now famous Tamang Heritage Trail. Trek time: 5 hours

Day 3: SOMDANG. After breakfast, start our rather long hike uphill with a break after about an hour at the cheese factory that makes excellent Nak Cheese. Buy a pound or two to take along for nibbling or supplementing the diet along the trek. Today, our four - five hour uphill goes for about 1400m and then a short steep downhill and then jeep trail to the mining base camp of Somdang, where we settle into one of the lodges owned by two sisters. Trek time: 7 - 8 hours

Day 4: TIPLING. Today is our toughest day as we go up around 400 meters to the PangSang Pass at 3820 meters and then walk a steep downhill to reach Tipling about 1800 meters below. A day that will test our trekking strengths, our hunger levels, our water supplies, and our legs. When we reach Tipling eventually, one really yearns for just a warm drink and bed. Trek time: 8 - 10 hours

Day 5: BORANG. We relax after that crazy long day to a short four hour trek to the wonderful village of Borang, where we reach well in time, and get a nice chance to ease those aching muscles. Trek time: 4 hours

Day 6: JHARLANG PHEDI. Another short day to celebrate, as we meander through relatively easy (read Nepali Flat) trails to Jharlang Phedi. Though we reach on time to go to the hotspring, be warned, the trail is extremely steep and during off seasons (non winter months) nobody tends to the trail. Trek time: 5 hours

Day 7: KHANIYABAAS. From Jharlang Phedi, Khaniyabaas is not a tough walk, but it takes a good Nepali flat walker to get there, as we move from settlement to settlement and through confusing paddy and agricultural field trails, and then eventually do a real steep 20 minute uphill to reach the edge of Khaniyabaas, a sleepy village on a ridge with magnificient views of the Ganesh Himal Range. Trek time: 6 hours

Day 8: MARPAK: Today is an amazing day as you drop about two hours to the river, and a chance to wash yourself as lunch is being prepared. Do not take too much time washing yourself, as you will sweat like crazy again as after lunch, its a long ardous uphill to the wonderful settlement of Marpak, which if you wake up early in the morning gives amazing views of the mountains. Trek time: 6 hours

Day 9: KATUNJE: Our penultimate trek day is the longest distance you will ever walk on this trail but it goes real fast, as the trail is pretty flat (well, Nepali flat) and you land up on a ultimately lower altitude at Katunje, the last night on the trek. Katunje is a sleepy Newar trading outpost of yore, and there is not much to do, except celebrate the last night with some good food and well deserved rest. Trek time: 5 hours

Day 10: DHADING BESI & KATHMANDU: Dhading Besi is a long five to six hours walk from Katunje, but one can always ask the vehicle to come closer or hop on a jeep going to Dhading Besi to end ones trek. Once at Dhading, best to just take the next transport to Kathmandu or jump into awaiting vehicles to get the three and half hour ride back to Kathmandu. Trek time: 6 hours *** end of service ***


Guide, meals, stay, permits, all transportation




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