Internalising Practices

Nepal has over 36 ethnic groups and the plethora of culture means that we are constantly in search of ways to preserve our culture and traditions. There is so much culture in Nepal, that even Nepalese get 'culture shock' in their own country. There is a tradition in Kathmandu amongst the Newar community where youths throw a live goat into a pond and jump in and kill it with only their teeth. Why? to get the right to conduct the festival ceremony during our big Festivals. Tell this to a Gurung in Pokhara and he will have never heard of it, and will be totally shocked. Here we list some steps we are taking to preserve tradition and culture.


  1. In our small team of four (used to be five, but we are looking for people now), we are one Brahmin, one Sherpa, and two Newars. We had one female and three males, but since Prerna (who is Gurung) has left for France, we are searching for a replacement. So gender balance and ethnic balance is important to the company.
  2. We are actively striving to maintain a Nepali system of management, where relationships between employees are more important. Hence elder males are 'dai' (older brother) and younger are 'bhai' (younger brother),  elder females are 'didi' and 'bahini' respectively. We find this system much better than first name basis of Western management styles
  3. We stress on the importance of family and society, two important aspects of Nepali tradition, which we hope will not erode because we are in a cut-throat business. Hence family matters and societal matters are considered important, and the team is free to discuss it and take time for these issues.
  4. Nepal has a good tradition of giving, as we believe that God comes in many ways into your house, and one way to come in is as a beggar or a poor underpriviledged person. You will regularly see poor Nepalese handing out alms. Almost every team member is involved in some sort of charity (usually more than one) in our company.

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(open: 10:00 - 17:00 Mon - Fri) At TriDevi Marg, opposite of the Himalayan Bank, you will see a small lane on the left of the SALEWA Store. We're at the end of the lane.

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