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25 December 2009

It's been a wonderfully enriching experience working with social tours. It has in some way or the other inspired us to be more aware of the implications of the things we can do to help save our environment. In a way the experience has been somewhat educating and a means of self improvement for us.

The financial aspect of the relationship between our organisations too has been an exemplary instance.We've not  had a single hurdle that we've had to face ever since your company has been so assoiciated with us. The overall procedures and work processes have been excellently smooth and free from any technical glitches.

We feel extremely priviledged to have such a healthly professional relationship with your company. A relationship that has not only helped  us make our services better but has also been inspiring and enriching at the same time. Which brings to mind the idea your company had brought up - in which , a fleet of solar powered vechicles to shuttle to and fro from the airport, had been so brillaintly thought up. This particular idea thougth has really been a thing of admiration  and for the fact that how dedicated and serious your company really is in all your sincere efforts.

We can say that we've been highly satisfied, well beyond what we had hoped, working with you these years and hope to continues through many more years.


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(open: 10:00 - 17:00 Mon - Fri) At TriDevi Marg, opposite of the Himalayan Bank, you will see a small lane on the left of the SALEWA Store. We're at the end of the lane.

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