socialtours.com travels & socialtreks.com adventures is a licensed Nepalese company, established in 2002. We are made up of two companies, both under the same management, socialtours.com travels - our flagship company and socialtreks.com adventures - our specialist trekking company. Our tailor made trips promote and preserve Nepal’s rich cultural and ecological diversity. We aim to exceed our clients’ expectations, whilst minimizing the impact on our environment and maximizing the contribution to the local economy.

Keeping our passion for people and nature close to our heart we tailor make extraordinary trips to suit all people.

Recommended by National Geograhic Adventure for the Great Himalayan Trail, one of the 25 best new trips in the planet for 2010.

Also, five time nominees for the Responsible Tourism Awards, UK 2006 - 2010

Tour & trek

Nepal is regarded as one of the adventure capitals of the world and the majority of our trips cater for clientele who have a passion for adventure, a love of nature and a curiosity in culture. Some of our best products are trekking adventures covering the three major areas of Nepal (Everest, Annapurna and Langtang), but we also offer a little off-the-beaten-track adventure. Our treks range from a 21/2-day hike in the Chepang Hills of Chitwan to a full 24-day expedition trek of the Annapurna Circuit and Sanctuary.
For the adrenaline junkies Nepal has the world’s second highest bungee, the world’s giant‘est’ swing and for those who want to go even higher, tandem paragliding.  All this with the spectacular Annapurna range as a backdrop. Water lovers have the opportunity of rafting and kayaking on some of the world top rivers, under the guidance of fully trained river guides, renowned worldwide for their skill. For those who enjoy a bit of self-powered adventure Nepal offers numerous mountain biking trails. We have the longest altitude drop in the world, from a 5000m+ pass in Tibet to 1100m in the Bhote Koshi Valley. For people with more stamina we run trips from Kathmandu to Lhasa (around a 1000kms) and the even longer expedition to Mt. Kailash.
On our safari trips, wildlife enthusiasts have the chance to view the endangered one horned Rhino from atop an Indian Elephant, and if really lucky a glimpse of the Royal Bengal Tiger. A visit to Chitwan National park and you will be in the presence of 470 species of mammals, 500 species of birds, 126 species of fish, 150 species of butterflies and 47 species of reptiles!
For more cultural/spiritual experiences our trekking for health programmes combine trekking with meditation, yoga, ayruveda and shamanism.  Many of our trips incorporate homestays, which offer a total submersion in local traditions and village daily life. Finally, for those who need a little encouragement to accomplish their lifelong dream our life-coaching trips will guide the way to you realising your final goal.  We also run day heritage tours within the walls of the Kathmandu Valley.  These daytrips are easily combined with any of our longer trips and are a good introduction to your stay in Nepal.

Alongside our trips in Nepal and Tibet we also run trekking and cultural programmes in the Kingdom of Bhutan. Here you can experience the old world charm of a country where the people have been able to preserve their traditions and customs.

So, everyone else also offers these trips, what makes us different? We do it with a little gentleness, support the local communities, reduce the risks of environmental damage and preserve Nepal’s diversity of culture.  With all this in mind we aim to exceeding your holiday expectations.

Our clients are as diverse as our trips.  They travel from all four corners of the earth and range from a seven-year-old trekker to an eighty-three year old volunteer. Our competent guides have even safely guided a visually impaired woman through the Langtang region during the monsoon season.

“I had a truly wonderful 14 day trek!  As a visually impaired woman traveller it is often hard to find the right trip but on this Trek for Health I felt well cared for, safe, empowered and respected. It was tough going at first, that goes without saying, but every day bought new adventure, landscapes and people.  My team were wonderful and there was much singing and laughter. I would do it all again tomorrow if I could!” Tanvir Bush – United Kingdom


At socialtours.com travels & socialtreks.com adventures we believe that cultural exchange is the core of tourism. If you wish to take this transfer of cultural understanding to the next level then volunteering is for you. Working together with selected organisations worldwide, we provide opportunities for volunteers to come into contact with real people and make a difference in their lives. This fulfilling experience enables you to immerse yourself in the local culture and daily life, get to know the local people and make an impact. The learning from this work is tremendous for the volunteers, the local people and organisations alike.


socialtours.com travels & socialtreks.com adventures provides all the logistical support required by United Planet in the US and People and Places in the UK. Both organisations are dedicated to the same responsible tourism practices as ourselves making the volunteer placements responsible and rewarding for all parties involved.

Mission & values

socialtours.com travels & socialtrek.com adventures envisions a global community that supports social development through tourism. We are dedicated to the creation and demonstration of a new corporate concept of linked prosperity. Our mission consists of three interrelated parts:

product mission
To provide our clients with a memorable holiday experiences through proper planning and implementation of tours and treks that exceed their expectations.

social mission
To initiate ways to improve the quality of life of a broad community: local, national and international, through actively recognising the central role a business holds in the structure of society.

economic mission
To operate the company on a sound financial basis of profitable growth, thereby creating career opportunities within the local community and increasing value for shareholders and financial rewards for all employees.

Underlying the mission of socialtours.com travels & socialtreks.com adventures is the determination to seek new and creative ways of addressing all three statements, whilst holding a deep respect for all individuals and the communities of which they are a part.

All business that socialtours.com travels & socialtreks.com adventures does is based on the following six values:

respect for every individual
Businesses are like families. Every person has a different role to play that when played well, creates a happy family. Every individual deserves respect and each and every issue that a person has requires special attention.

honesty & integrity
Honesty and integrity are always the best policies and will inevitably pay dividends. An open, honest business makes steady progress.

continued excellence in delivery
Quality should never to be compromised and can always be improved on. It is the strongest marketer of products and the only element that can create a lasting impression.

social responsibility of business
Without the support of society a business cannot survive. Giving back to society is the only way a business can fulfill this commitment. Every business has a commitment towards society as a whole.

money is never the only goal
Profits have to be made but never by means that go against our values. Making a business successful is a Dharma (a spiritual good) for society and results in a good Karma.

the importance of environmental conservation
The environment is our greatest asset and needs preservation. Exploiting nature is short term and yields unsustainable dividends whereas protecting nature is long term and yields sustainable dividends.

Responsible Tourism

At the very start of the company, socialtours.com travels and socialtreks.com adventures developed a guideline for travelling responsibly in Nepal and set themselves a responsible tourism policy to which the endeavour to adhere too. These early efforts placed them as leaders in the responsible tourism movement within Nepal, something all team members are very proud of.

responsible tourism policy
We have produced a policy outlining a set of responsible points that we have set for ourselves. We cannot claim that we have achieved every point to our complete satisfaction, but continue to pursue our goal.  We have voluntary allowed out actions to be audited by an external mediator in an attempt to better ourselves in this field.

responsible travel guidelines
As a traveller, you have a role to play in responsible tourism. We always provide guidelines in our pre-departure information, reiterate this information in our pre-trek briefing and all our guides instill this on the trek.


At socialtours.com travels & socialtreks.com adventures we take our impact on the local community very seriously. Almost all personnel are involved in some form of social/charitable work. Time and funding is given to allow them to support these ventures.


At socialtours.com travels & socialtreks.com adventures we take our memberships beyond government compliance. Responsible tourism is at the heart of our company and we believe that we have a commitment to take this beyond just our own business and work on the broader objective of spreading the word.










socialtours.com travels has been nominated five times for the Responsible Tourism Award in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009. The Responsible Tourism Awards are presented at the World Travel Mart during the World Responsible Tourism Day in London.

We are on the Lonely Planet September 2007 Issue for Nepal under Volunteering.

socialtours.com is also a recommended operator for the Great Himalayan Trail, one of the 25 best new trips in the Planet – National Geographic Adventure Magazine, Nov 09

The company have had mention and features written in the media in Nepal like the Nepal Travel Trade Reporter and local newspapers as well as in international sphere like the San Franscisco Chronicle, Sunday Times and online newsletters at unitedplanet.org, voluntourism.org and travelmole.com

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