Policies that guide our work

Working in a changing environment and believing that we need to be 'creative', where ever we are and what ever we are doing, means that we do not have a big set of policies to guide us. We prefer to be flexible, go with the flow, as life should be, but use our vision, mission and values to guide us.

We do have some policies though, chief among them being the guiding Responsible Tourism Policy. Combined with the value system, this becomes an important tool to help us go forward and stick to our path.

Since we come in contact with travellers and deal with their private data all the time, we also have a strict privacy policy

Legalities of business demands that we also have Booking Terms and Conditions.


Download our policy document here (PDF - 114KB)

Booking Terms & Conditions

We do not like to put in too much terms and conditions, as this is a hinderance to our working relationship. However, there are legalities involved in conducting trips, and in order to make things clear, so we all know where we stand, as a company and as a client, the terms and conditions have to be laid out.

Payment Terms

We would be like to flexible in our payment terms, so that clients can pay at their convenience. However, complete flexibility in payment is never possible, and we hope our clients will understand that.

We offer the following four payment options: 

a. 10% to confirm and 90% four weeks before arrival
b. 50% to confirm and 50% two weeks before arrival
c. 75% to confirm and 25% on arrival in Nepal
d. 100% advance payment


We are working on accepting credit card payments through a paypal account, but this is not easy in Nepal's banking industry and will take some time. Until then, we will have to rely on bank transfers and cash. Banking details will be furnished in our invoice.

Health and Safety Policy

Our first concern is the reduction of risk to health and safety as far as practically possible. socialtours & socialtreks has adopted a six-point health & safety policy which can be found below.

We have strong relationships with local and national health care facilities should any assistance be required resulting from an incident or situation. Our clients and staff are assured that they are never alone and always have someone to turn to in the immediate location and are not expected to rely on a representative hundreds of miles away.The principles and ethos of socialtours & socialtreks are paramount to the company’s excellent safety record.

Responsible Tourism Policy

At the very start of the company, we at socialtours.com travels and socialtreks.com adventures developed a guideline for travelling responsibly in Nepal.  We produced a policy outlining a set of responsible points that we endeavour to adhere too. These early efforts placed us as leaders in the responsible tourism movement within Nepal, something all team members are very proud of.

We cannot claim that we have achieved every point on our policy to our complete satisfaction, but we continue to pursue our goal.  We have voluntary allowed our actions to be audited by an external mediator in an attempt to better ourselves in this field.

pdf Download the Responsible Tourism Policy brochure here.


Data Privacy Policy

As we deal with several clients and a lot of data changes hands, from the moment the enquiry is made to the point where a sale is made, we need a privacy policy that will protect the data of our clients. We reassure you that we are very strict about this, and consider it to be one of the ways to address our first value 'respect for every individual' apart from being a sound business practice

Got questions?

Send us your ideas. We will custom design a trip and a quote just for you, for FREE! We will never sell your details or send spam! Period.



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Tridevi Marg,Thamel, Kathmandu | Tel: +977 1 4412 508, +977 9801 1234 01 (available 24/7) | e-mail: info@socialtours.com

(open: 10:00 - 17:00 Mon - Fri) At TriDevi Marg, opposite of the Himalayan Bank, you will see a small lane on the left of the SALEWA Store. We're at the end of the lane.

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